Al Zaabi Group has come to stay as an integral part of life in the UAE with its excellent performance and ever expanding presence in the emerging market segments.


As a proactive corporate enterprise, the Group has, with a significant presence in divergent fields such as Automotive Tyres, Construction Materials, Transportation, and Trading, excelled in all the realms with its strong focus on customer satisfaction and commitment to quality.


Laith Al Obaidi Group We believe that the establishment of a strong relationship with our customers is the continued success of our key.


That success depends on the understanding of a variety of customer needs next to the demographics of the market, which continues to evolve in parallel with our services, such as internal and external accessories as desired customer services (RTA), shipping services to all parts of the world, insurance services (according to the request customers) and registration services for the local market.

Since 1977, Varga Group, a Dubai-based company, has become one of the leading distributors of tires, batteries, tubes and alloy wheels within the MENA and CIS regions. Varga credits its successes to years of providing excellent standards and timely delivery of automotive products; as well as, the company’s solid partnerships with top international manufacturers, dealers and retailers, which ensure that motorists have extensive choices when purchasing these products.


Al Sayegh Automotive LLC is the state-of-the-art vehicle workshop facility, established in Abu Dhabi since 1968.


Our broad knowledge in this industry has developed a reputation as being one of the leading automotive workshops in the UAE with in-house expertise for the maintenance and repair of different types of vehicles.

With over 40 years of experience, we maintain a solid relationship with our partners and clients.


Our primary objective is to provide customers with the highest quality services, customer care in an honest, responsible and efficient manner.